is an all woman’s site where women can meet other women for romance. The site itself is extremely attractive although the graphics on the home page while lovely makes it difficult to read some of the print. The site itself is easy to navigate and eye looks extremely professional. It was designed as a safe place where a lesbian could meet other lesbians for socializing and meeting someone with whom to build a relationship.

Features of Wowwomendating

Wowwomendating offers several features that are appealing. These features include:

  • Wow Women provides a safe, friendly environment for women dating other women.
  • Free to join the site and you get 3 days to use all of the facilities giving you time to decide if you want to become a member.
  • The site gives you the ability to block and report suspect profiles
  • The moment you join you are assigned someone who helps you through the process and gives you tips to help you get started.
  • You can add photos, videos and music
  • Users can create their own group page
  • Can use both live and private chat
  • Can take part in the forum
  • Can play multiple player games allowing you to meet more people
  • You can take advantage of wowwomendating’s match making service
  • Can send virtual gifts to those people you are interested in
Happy lesbian couple

Cost of Membership

You can join wowwomendating for free and you will get full access to the site for 3 days giving you the opportunity to decide if this site is right for you before you become a full fledge member. Unfortunately, while you are told that there are membership fees, there is no information to be found on what the membership options are or how much it will cost to become a full member.

Other Reviews

While there are not a plethora of other reviews for wow women dating +50 the reviews that are available are quite positive. Users find this website to be extremely easy to navigate and well designed. Users state that they feel safe on this website and they like the fact that all of the profiles are checked and no one is allowed to post explicit pictures and no men are allowed on the site.

Positives of WowWomenDating

The wowwomendating website has several positives that makes women dating women simpler and easier. For starters this website offers several ways for women to connect with other women such as through joining games, becoming active on the forums and joining in live chats. The security of the site is also extremely positive since women feel safe using this site.

WowWomenDating Negatives

The main negative to wowwomen is the lack of transparency regarding the membership fees and options. The fact that you do get free use of the website for 3 days while helpful, may not be enough to make women want to join the site if they don’t know the membership costs upfront.

Overall, if you are looking for a great website where women can meet other women for friendship and dating this site is certainly worth trying.