Pink Sofa is a lesbian dating space where women can find their dating partner and explore themselves. The society has always attempted to make it challenging for people to walk on their own chosen paths. We are constantly controlled, pressurized and prejudiced by the social norms. With legal rights to same sex marriages or at least with the minimum concept of accepting it to your own self is a big step forward. It encourages people to come up and choose their partners willingly. Popular culture, especially Bollywood stereotypes gay men but never come up with a character who is a lesbian. In the LGBTQ community, lesbians + 40 are finally finding a safe and exciting space to express and be they. It is an excellent initiative to fight the world for closeting these people for generations. Here is an overview the website that might come handy!


  • It is an extremely private space for people who are eager to join. No one can access this site without being a member, hence making it more precise and closed from conning.
  • There is no subscription required to be a part of it.
  • There are three set of information required to take up the membership here. Firstly, your user name and password followed by the details you wish to give in your profile and lastly demands a picture.
  • Due to extreme privacy, one cannot just scroll through the site without proper verification.
Pink Sofa


  • It would cost you to share your personal detail from the facebook or Gmail and more of your guts to voice your desire.
  • The first month has a free trail so that you can check out and see if it suits your desires.
  • There are a list of success stories or an account of good experience from many users that are displayed in the main page for everyone to read and perceive.
  • You can specify your options: such as locations from where you are looking for partners, their age and other preferences.
  • It can also be accessed from your desktop as well as from personal tabs and mobiles
  • Your questions and doubts are also clarified by the experts here!
  • We cannot rule out the complete chances for people to forge out an account as the details can be manipulated. This can lead to detrimental consequences.
  • The age is limited for women above 18 to join the site as well as profiles of mostly women above 30 are available, which kind of brings in limitation.

For firsthand experience, you need to log into and enroll yourself as a member to find voice to your mind and find someone compatible to you. You will get a chance how there are so many women who have been benefitted from this site since the year 2000. The best part of women is that you might end up finding someone or a group of people to party or talk to, if not only dating!