Although it is quite difficult for a lesbian woman to love freely and live freely even in today’s world, internet has made things much easier for her. Thanks to internet and its various websites and apps, finding partners and dating is quite easy these days, even for lesbians! Such online websites actually help create a great community for people who feel outcast in society otherwise and help celebrate their sexuality and desire. These communities appreciate and welcome you just the way you are; and the best thing is that you can find more people like you here, so you do not have to feel quite so alone. One such social networking site for lesbian women is Pink Cupid. Since it is a really popular site inhabited by lesbian women from across the globe, you are bound to connect with people easily and find a date for yourself. Read below to know why you should definitely check it out!


The best thing about pinkcupid is that it is completely free! With a few clicks, you can enter into the world of Pink Cupid and make your own profile. But if you want to enjoy many other facilities, you may want to be upgraded to a premium member. So, if you would mind paying a little extra in order to find many single ladies, go ahead:

Pink Cupid

Premium Membership Fee


  • $ 39.99 for one month
  • $ 79.98 for three months
  • $ 159.99 for twelve months


  • $ 34.99 for one month
  • $ 69.98 for three months
  • $ 139.99 for twelve months


Pink Cupid has many attractive features which are why this is the best place for lesbian people + 40 . Once you browse through the very interesting profiles and like someone, you can connect with them by sending them emails. And if you are feeling brave, you can even talk to them through instant messaging. Once there is mutual attraction, you can even talk to them through video chat. There are also active chat rooms where you can participate in discussions about your interested or share your views and opinions about certain things. The sense of community makes this experience unique, and this is actually a place where you can talk your heart freely without the fear of judgment or hatred. If you upgrade your account into a premium one, you can share up to five photos and see the photos shared by other people too! Such features actually make it for one to find their date from this website.

Pros and Cons

The pros are definitely heavier than the cons on this site. The only con might be the fact that you need to pay a few bucks to upgrade your account and enjoy the many attractive dating tools that are there on the website. But since the pros are far more in number and the website provides safety and security for its members, I’d suggest you check out Pinkcupid. Also, this community is great if you just want to belong somewhere and interact with fellow lesbians of different race, ethnicity and social background. Maybe, when you get that sense of belonging, it will be even easier for you to a find a date!