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Online dating for Indian lesbian women may not be as simple as it looks, especially if you don’t know which apps to use to find the perfect girl. Indian online lesbian dating might be a new topic to all Indian people; due to their tradition and culture, lesbians still face discrimination in this country. 

Luckily, in the past few years, people have started to normalize lesbian dating. Therefore, many new online dating sites for Indian single lesbians are currently available. On these sites, you can meet different people and find the girl that wants the same type of relationship as you. 

Let’s look at some of the best online dating sites for Indian lesbian women that will surely get you a date. 

Kismia is one of the top Indian lesbian women dating sites currently available. This website is open to global users; you will be able to find the girl of your dreams from anywhere around the world. Kismia is very easy to use; all you need to do is register, input your preferences, and you can start swiping. 

Moreover, Kismia has many excellent features that will help you with your online dating journey. You can stop feeling shy because this site offers premade ice-breakers you can use to start a conversation with a girl. 

Kismia - top Indian lesbian women dating sites 

Zoe is a website specifically for Indian lesbian women. That implies that no men on this app will make inappropriate offers or ruin your online dating experience. The site improves Indian lesbian girls’ dating experience since it can sometimes be uncomfortable. 

Zoe offers a free version where you can access many features the site has to offer. However, this app is relatively new, so it doesn’t have an extensive network of users yet. Still, you will be able to meet local girls; you might get lucky on this site. 

Zoe - top Indian lesbian women dating sites

This Indian dating site for lesbian women helps Indian women find the right girl for themselves. Moreover, if you are still unsure of your orientation, you can use this app to appoint casual dates and determine whether you want to date girls or not. 

Our Indian lesbian dating advice is to take things slow on your journey. You might not be instantly aware of your orientation, which is completely fine. This app is for relationship-minded people who will help you realize where you belong. You will come across many women who will be your support. 

Fem uses a different approach to online dating. On this site, you won’t find pictures of other girls – you will have to upload videos of yourself instead. By doing that, the app protects you from possible catfishing cases. Moreover, with the free app version, you can chat as long as you want. 

This app is an excellent way to meet like-minded girls because you will mostly be video-chatting. You can have deep conversations and find what you are looking for by having a heart-to-heart chat with a girl. Don’t hesitate to have a video-chat date before you go out; you will protect yourself from possible dangers. 

Fem.mingle - top Indian lesbian women dating sites


Online dating for single Indian lesbians may sometimes be overwhelming because many people don’t consider their orientation normal. Because of that, people wanted to acknowledge the lesbian community, and they did so by creating lesbian-only dating sites. People know how difficult it can be to date online, especially if you are a woman, because you keep getting inappropriate offers. 

Luckily, the previously mentioned online dating sites don’t tolerate harmful behavior. All of these sites have a sound support system; you can report any abusive behavior on the website, and the person will no longer be able to use it. It is crucial to keep yourself safe at all times. 

We also want to say that you should be patient on your dating journey. Finding the perfect girl may take some time, but it will be worth it. People have started using online dating platforms more and more. Therefore, you will undoubtedly find someone who will be your perfect partner. 


Can lesbians get married? 

In many countries all over the world, same-sex marriage is legal. The US Supreme Court legalized it in all 50 states in 2015, so you can marry the girl of your dreams if you live in the US.

What should I do on my first date with a lesbian?

If you are still exploring your sexual orientation and want to ask a girl out, you should keep your date short and simple. Don’t do activities that take up your whole day. Instead, you can go out for dinner or to a bar. It is essential to get to know them a little bit better before spending a lot of time with them. From this short date, you will see whether you like this woman or not. 

How can I know if a girl is attracted to me on a dating app?

The answer to this question might be a bit complicated. However, all you need to know is to search for tell-tale signs. For example, are they taking too long to respond? Do they want to talk to you often? Are they open for a date? The answers to these questions will show whether or not she is attracted to you. 

How can I report a man being rude to me on a dating site?

If the site in question is lesbian-only, you should contact the support immediately and send them the person’s account so they can delete it. If it is a dating platform for all, you should report their behavior to the support team; they will either block a person for you or delete his account immediately.