The society has always made it challenging for people to walk on their own desirous paths. We are constantly controlled and prejudiced by the social norms. With legal rights to same sex marriages or atleast with the concept of accepting it to your own self is a big step forward. Websites like One Scene helps people to look for their partners and dates with a confidential yet valid set of details. This is a dating site for the LGBTQ community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender). It encourages people to come up and choose their partners willingly. It is an excellent initiative to fight the world for closeting these people for generations. Here is an overview the website that might come handy!


It would cost you to share your personal detail from the facebook or Gmail and more of your guts to voice your desire.

One Scene


  • There are a number of options that you can use without being intimidated or felt being judged or watched on. You can use “ice breaker” to just wave and see if the other person is interested to talk to you. This feature shows that you are interested in them and gives them time as well to find out if they are interested enough to respond back.
  • You can send a friend request by clicking on “add a friend” to communicate with the person directly.
  • You can have your own list of preferred ones through a click on “add favorites” to ponder about your reflexes later.
  • There is another option to message the person to gather attention or maybe point out certain preferences or common interest that might get it started at a go!
  • There is a variety of details in general that you want to know before approaching. The personalized ones are left for people to figure out on their own.
  • It is absolutely private and extracts details only from your facebook and mail, with your full consent of course, to create your detail for the site.
  • The site is divided into categories and sub categories in various fields are it cultural, geographical or age.
  • The profile gives a detailed insight of the individual’s background along with her likes and dislikes. IT has a very interesting feature where a person can leave out a certain, complicated question or column for the interested one to find out on their own post an interaction.
  • There are complete chances for people to forge out an account as the details can be manipulated. This can lead to detrimental consequences.
  • There is a less explorative topic or fields of interest in ones bio. For example, ones taste and preferences in movies and songs can tell a lot about a person. Such little quirks are missing.
  • It is important to have images of a person you would like to date. There are lesser of proper pictures and more of artificial, snap chat pictures of certain profile which makes it hard to judge.