is a unique website where femine lesbians can go to meet other feminine lesbians and those who are interested in feminine lesbians can go to meet femmes. Find Femmes is unique for a couple of different reasons. First the website is founded by a lovely femme couple by the names of Whitney and Megan (Wegan) who are Youtube vloggers. The couple met, dated and fell in love and got married. Women who follow the Wegan vlogs and were interested in meeting feminine lesbians kept asking Whitney and Megan where they could find a safe place to meet femmes. Realizing that there was no safe place to meet femmes and it was all left up to chance, this couple decided to create a safe dating site for femmes and those looking to meet femmes, so FindFemmes was born.

What Countries is Findfemmes Available In?

Find Femmes can be found in a number of different countries including; the USA, U.K. Australia, Canada, Africa and Ireland. You do need to note that you can only communicate with women in the same country that you live in. For example, if you live in Ireland, you won’t be able to communicate to interest women in Canada or the U.K.


A visit to the website reveals very little information, but it is possible to glean some of the features you can find on this website. These features include:

  • Posting your profile and sending a wink is free
  • The website is a safe place to meet femmes and femmes to meet others
  • The site is mobil friendly
  • Full membership allows you to send emails and communicate with other members.
Find Femmes


While joining the website is free you can only send winks and can’t actually communicate with other members until you become a full member. While memberships fees are listed on the site, you can access them once you become a basic member, making it impossible to know before filling out a profile whether or not you will find the site affordable.

Positives of FindFemmes

There are few positives about joining FindFemmes, the most importance of which is the fact that this niche website is one of the few websites dedicated mainly to femmes and those who want to meet femmes. Another positive is that this website is available in several different countries giving more women an opportunity to find femmes. The last positive is that the site is actually run by couple who met online and successfully built a lasting relationship.

Negative of FindFemmes

There are a few negatives regarding Find Femmes worth noting. First is the fact, that the website doesn’t have a lot of information about the features available for you to use before you actually sign up for the website. Second is the fact that the site is not very transparent regarding their membership fees, so you have to at least join as a basic member before deciding whether or not you want to become a full member.

Overall the main draw of Findfemmes is that it the only website of its kind. If you want to check out this dating website then go to