For lesbian girls who date bisexual women, the old stereotypes rear their ugly head. Namely that women who are bisexual are tempted towards dating men because they feel something is missing from their relationship. However, there is some truth to the stereotype, if only because many lesbians carry this fear that their dating partner will suddenly leave them for something they cannot provide.

Naturally, for bisexual women who date lesbian girls, the differences between lesbians and bisexual girls may not seem all that important to them. However, the same fears, concerns, and stereotyping exists. That must be addressed at a point in the relationship before a commitment is made, otherwise the underlying concerns may disrupt an otherwise beautiful relationship.

Dating lesbian girls

What is Different?

Perhaps not surprisingly, the stereotyping is grounded in some truth for lesbians who date bisexuals. This is because men tend to be more proactive compared to women when pursuing a relationship. Therefore, the thinking goes that the bisexual woman is the continual target of dating attempts by men and may succumb despite being in a perfectly good relationship with a lesbian.

The truth is something less obvious but may explain why lesbian girls see the bisexual women that they are dating disappear after a few dates or “ghosting” as the case may be which ends a potential relationship before it starts. Because men and lesbians actively pursue a relationship differently, it may mean that the bisexual woman does not even notice the lesbian who is pursuing her.

Cultural Norms

Regardless of sexual preference, dating and relationships have been shaped by many thousands of years of cultural conditioning. This means that what is expected is based on ideas shaped by how men and women pursue dating another person. Even lesbians who have never considered dating a man are still shaped in their approach by dating practices that have been around for many years.

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A bisexual woman who is pursued by a man is certainly aware of that fact. Men have been conditioned by culture to be proactive when dating women. This means that there are certain expectations that must be fulfilled in a heterosexual relationship. For a lesbian to use the same norms in pursuing a bisexual woman as she would another lesbian might be too passive or at least not proactive enough to get and keep her attention.

While each relationship is unique, it is the culture that still drives the expectations. This means that for lesbian girls who want to have a fulfilling relationship with bisexual women, they may have to be more proactive than normal depending on the dynamics of the individuals. As for bisexual women, they will need to be more aware of who is pursuing them, but that will depend on other factors as well.

There is no single answer to explain the differences between dating lesbian girls and bisexual women, but depending on who is doing the pursuing, it does mean being more proactive and more noticeable if you want the dating to continue.