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Florida is one of the states that recognize the lesbian community and appraises it. Florida has organized many events for lesbian women where they wanted to prove that being a lesbian is normal. It’s wonderful to see people thinking outside the box by praising those of different orientations. 

Since Florida is so open to lesbian women, the question is, how can you find a girlfriend online in Florida? Are there any websites made for lesbian women only? The answer is simple – there are many lesbian dating sites in Florida, and we have made a list of the best Florida online dating sites for lesbian girls.

Online dating for lesbians in florida is one of the best dating sites for local lesbian singles in Florida. Through this site, you can meet people from different backgrounds and with different life stories. It’s always fun to meet someone new on this site – you never know how compatible you are! 

This site, however, is not Florida-only. You can meet girls from all over the world and start dating them. Although there are few online dating sites for lesbians in Florida, this site will let you meet like-minded girls and find someone perfect for you. 

Kismia - the best dating sites for local lesbian singles in Florida is an online dating website for lesbian people in FL looking for either long-term relationships or casual dating. This website is the perfect place to start if you are still unsure whether you want to date women or not. Although this is a new site on the market, it’s easy and fun to use, and many people already have an account. 

The free version of this website allows you to chat with girls for as long as you like. However, you must remember that this website is public – you can’t hide your identity. Anyone can see that you are using this app. If you don’t want to be seen, maybe you should use a different lesbian online dating app in Florida.

Onlywomen - the best dating sites for local lesbian singles in Florida is one of the most popular lesbian dating sites in Florida. The site has been around for more than 15 years and has successfully brought a lot of women together. Because this app has a vast network of users, you have a good chance of finding what you are looking for. 

Moreover, this site lets you meet single lesbian women in FL in various ways. For example, the app’s creators often host events where you can meet someone from the app. You can also go on speed dating events where you can determine whether you like someone or not in a matter of minutes. The app’s features can be a great way to meet like-minded people.

Soulmate - the best dating sites for local lesbian singles in Florida 

We have great news for all single women in Florida: is one of the greatest dating apps. This app is unlike any other – once you sign in, you need to take an extensive personality test so the app’s algorithm can show only the top picks for you. 

The app will only present you with people with whom you have a high compatibility rate. The more you have in common, the better you will go together. This innovative way of online dating is made for relationship-minded people – you can meet someone and instantly click through this website. 

Tune2love -  the best dating sites for local lesbian singles in Florida


Online dating for lesbian women in Florida can be entertaining, especially because Florida is so accepting of the lesbian community. Finding the perfect online dating website for lesbians in Florida can be a hassle. Many women are still dealing with rude men worldwide who make inappropriate offers. 

That’s why we have listed our favorite websites for lesbian women in Florida. All these websites have the same goal – to help you find your dream girl. Moreover, they all want to show the world that lesbian dating is fun and that there can be a true spark between two women. 

Some apps even have live events where you can meet people in person rather than on the dating app. Now, you can sit back and start looking for your perfect girl. 


Is lesbian marriage legal in Florida?

Florida is one of the most supportive states in the USA regarding same-sex marriages. The answer is yes! You can legally marry a girl in the state of Florida! The state of Florida legalized same-sex marriage back in 2015, and people are pleased about this. Moreover, people from all over the USA go to Florida to get married!

How can I start a conversation with a girl on a dating site? 

When you find someone you like on a dating site, you can always start the conversation by making an observation. For example, you can point out something they love or something you have in common. It is important to be yourself – everything else will come eventually. You should start a conversation with something characteristic of you – for example, start the conversation with a fun pun. 

How can I ask a girl on a date through a dating site? 

There are several ways to ask a girl you have met online. For example, if you want to be discreet, as the person to describe the perfect date. After they are done, you can arrange a date and ask them out. They will be thrilled that you have remembered their dream date! 

Can I go back and like a profile I skipped?

Most dating apps don’t allow you to go back once you skip a profile. However, most dating apps we have listed above offer the option of going back and liking a profile. You need to be a premium member to unlock this feature, but it can surely come in handy.