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One of the best things about the 21st century and the digital age we live in is the internet. The internet has made it possible for people around the globe to connect and learn about each other. It has helped bring down many different prejudices and “taboo” subjects. 

Sadly, for a lot of people seeing senior lesbians holding their hands in public is still strange. However, you don’t have to worry about this when dating online. Older lesbian dating online is a common thing – it has been a part of the online dating scene for quite a while now. There are a lot of communities for LGBTQ+ people that you can join and know what to expect. 

Why waste time second-guessing yourself when you can use platforms to meet people who aren’t judgemental and understand your needs and passions? Here are some of the secrets of dating online and the best platforms you should check out. 

Lesbian over 50

Choose the right platform. 

We don’t want to make blanket statements, but if we look at it statistically, older lesbians are often looking for something more mature, serious, and ready for a long-term commitment. That’s why it’s essential to find a suitable online dating platform where you can meet other women with similar interests. 

You don’t want to end up among very young girls who are still experimenting with their sexuality, partying vicariously, and don’t know what they want from life. At this age, you already know your preferences, interests, and what you want from your professional, social, and love life. 

There’s no time to waste, and for this reason, it’s crucial to find a community of confident and mature singles. That’s why we’ve decided to pick out a list of the best sites for senior single dating for a lesbian over 50.

Give different people a chance. 

Just because you’re mature enough to know what you like or dislike doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give people outside of your comfort zone a chance. Of course, we all have a few things we find boring or simply aren’t into, but not all of them are necessarily deal-breakers. 

What we mean is that you shouldn’t avoid dating a person who’s into sports just because you get no pleasure from watching a bunch of girls or guys getting paid millions to throw a ball around for a couple of hours. 

Having different interests can often be very interesting and give your relationship that spark it needs. People with a few completely different traits or hobbies from yours often make great partners, as they sort of “fill in” some of the blanks that you have in your life. 

However, there’s a fine line that you cannot cross, so be adventurous but don’t get involved with people you clearly won’t like. 

Older lesbian dating

There’s no shame in dating younger women. 

There are a lot of dating websites for old lesbian singles. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t find any younger women on those platforms. After all, there are a lot of responsible and dependable younger lesbians who want to meet mature women. 

If you’re looking for someone younger, there’s no shame in that. We all want to feel younger and get more excitement out of our relationships. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone because there are a lot of couples out there with quite an age difference that still work really well together. 

Best dating websites for a lesbian over 50 you should check out 

1. GirlfriendsMeet


This is one of the top dating sites for lesbians over 50 plus. It was created specifically for bisexual and lesbian women. Even though it doesn’t have the largest community out there, all the members are really active. GirlfirendsMeet is safe, honest, and completely free. 

2. LocalLesbians 


Even though it’s not that old, this dating platform is really successful. It’s a part of an extensive network of lesbian and gay dating sites that share the same database. In other words, you can connect with a lot of different people on LocalLesbians if you have a bit of patience. It’s an excellent place to try out if you’re a single lesbian over 50. 

3. EliteSingles


EliteSingles is a widely-known dating platform. It offers all kinds of exclusive dating for people of different ages and sexual orientations, including lesbians. If you’re looking for the best online dating for a lesbian 50 plus, it doesn’t get any better than this. However, it is a bit pricier than the other platforms on this list. 

4. eHarmony 


Even though eHarmony wasn’t inclusive at first, it quickly rebounded and became one of the best places for gays and lesbians. Even though it’s open for everyone regardless of their interests or sexual preferences, eHarmony is probably a better option for lesbians who want something serious. 


1. Is online dating for single lesbians over 50 difficult? 

No, it’s not. Most dating sites and apps are really simple to use, and even seniors can use them with ease. Naturally, it will take time to find the right partner, but it’s much easier to do this online than to go to bars, especially with the current state of things around the world. 

2. Should I chat with other people before meeting them? 

Yes. The point of online dating is to meet people and learn more about them before actually meeting them in person. That way, you won’t be disappointed early on or waste your time. 

3. Are there any local dating sites for lesbians? 

Yes, there are. Some of them work by matching you with local people. On the other hand, some sites let you search for users based on their location. 

4. Is it possible to find marriage online? 

A lot of married couples today have met online. That includes gay couples as well. Make sure to find a platform where committed relationships are the goal.