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Los Angeles is a place that welcomes all people of the LGBT rainbow. Furthermore, LA is the second largest home to most LGBT people, right after New York. Because of this, it may sound easy to find perfect lesbian dating sites in Los Angeles, but you might be wrong. 

Many scammers on the internet want to take advantage of public platforms. Some of these platforms are Los Angeles online dating sites for lesbian girls. Many women have experienced abuse on dating apps, especially lesbian women. 

Luckily, there are still a couple of dating sites that are good for local lesbian singles in Los Angeles. If you want to find out where to find your perfect relationship, you should keep reading. 

Online dating for lesbians in LA is one of the best online dating sites for lesbians in Los Angeles. On this site, you can meet real women from LA who are ready to start a relationship or have fun. Moreover, if you are still exploring your orientation, you can use this site because it is meant for everyone. 

It’s one of the best online dating websites for lesbian people in LA, with many excellent features, such as ice-breakers. This feature allows you to start a conversation with a woman in an interactive way. All their ice-breakers are fun and up-to-date – your match will surely love your sense of humor. 

Kismia - the best online dating sites for lesbians in Los Angeles is one of the best Los Angeles lesbian dating websites. The site is made for the members of the LGBT community only – no scammers and fake profiles. You can always live-chat your matches, and the website even offers the possibility of reporting spam accounts (if it ever happens).

To meet single lesbian women in LA, you need to make an account, and that’s it! You can start swiping and matching. The downside of this website is that it is entirely public. Everyone can see that you have an account on 

Onescene - the best online dating sites for lesbians in Los Angeles is a site that differs from other popular lesbian dating sites in Los Angeles. Namely, this site’s goal is for you to meet like-minded people interested in physical relationships. If you want to experiment in the field of romance and want to find someone willing to do it with you, this is the site you are looking for. is a dating app in Los Angeles with a long tradition. This website allows you to meet people all over the globe and start intimate connections with them. However, you should be prepared to see a lot of nudity once you open an account with

Passion - the best online dating sites for lesbians in Los Angeles is an online dating website where you can meet single women in Los Angeles. This lesbian online dating app in Los Angeles was originally made for all lesbians and queers on the planet, but most of the users of this app are from the United States. The app keeps you protected from possible scam attacks, too. is a website for relationship-minded women. Many women have found their true soulmates through this app since it is the most popular app for lesbian women. What is more, there are no fake profiles or scammers that can make your online dating experience uncomfortable. You have to undergo a process of identification before you start using the app. 

Wearehere - the best online dating sites for lesbians in Los Angeles


Being a lesbian in Los Angeles may be one of the most comforting things. People in LA are supportive of their neighbors and only want the best for them. The dating life in LA may be one of the best ones for LGBT people. However, people may experience uncomfortable situations while looking for their other half online. 

Many modern dating apps and sites are not protected, and you might run into fake accounts. Moreover, many lesbians receive uncomfortable offers on online dating websites. Because of this, we have prepared some of the best websites for lesbian women in LA. 

These websites are safe to use and have an extensive network of users. You will be able to find your ideal partner through these dating websites. 


Is being a lesbian legal in Los Angeles?

Yes! The state of California proclaimed same-sex marriages legal in 2013. Most LGBT people in LA feel free to expose their orientation to others because this city is known to support this community. You can even find LGBT events in Los Angeles often. You can even find different types of activities and places made for the members of the LGBT community all over Los Angeles. 

Do I have to pay for an account on dating websites?

Some dating websites offer free and paid versions. Free versions often offer limited features you can access. However, the sites we have previously mentioned have good free programs. You can still chat, swipe, and match, even with a free account. If you want to access some cool features they offer, such as ice-breakers, you will have to pay for a premium version. 

Can I pay anonymously? 

Most of these dating websites provide you with anonymity (except If you don’t want someone to find out that you have paid to use a dating website, you don’t have to worry. The name of the site will not appear on your bank statements. 

Is it safe to use an online dating website as a lesbian?

We have seen that there can be many complications to using online dating apps. Some apps don’t have an authentication step so anyone can use the dating site. However, you should look for sites that offer this step because there will be no fake profiles or scammers. 

All the previously mentioned dating websites/apps undergo an authentication process which means that you are safe to use them as a lesbian in LA.